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Why do you offer these properties at wholesale prices? 2018-05-04T04:47:44+00:00

We acquire properties with specific criterias at great prices. Our customers are typically land investors looking to turn the property, develop, or hold the properties as an investment. We want repeat and return investors and in order to bring them back we must offer below market prices.

Does Smart Land Deals Own these properties for sale? 2018-05-04T04:48:33+00:00

Yes! We own each and every property ourselves.

Do you offer seller financing? 2018-05-04T04:50:13+00:00
On some properties we do offer seller financing. Those properties will have that option listed with seller financing purchase options.
The best part of seller financing is that you the buyer will have
  • NO credit Checks
  • NO Income Qualifications
  • NO Employment Verifications
We believe that real estate ownership should be simple. We can help.
Who owns the properties for sale on this website Smart Land Deals? 2018-05-04T04:51:13+00:00
All properties listed on Smart Land Deals are fully owned free and clear by Smart Land Deals. We are not real estate agents but real estate investors.
What type of payments do you accept? 2018-05-04T04:51:35+00:00
Smart Land Deals require payment prior to transfer via either cashier’s check or through a wire transfer from Buyer’s bank.
Does the property include mineral rights? 2018-05-04T04:51:48+00:00
Please assume unless specifically stated that all properties listed for sale on Smart Land Deals do not come with mineral rights.
How to Find a Property using GPS Coordinates 2018-11-13T03:31:22+00:00

Welcome to this wonderful generation of information technology.

It’s a love hate relationship for me.  I feel so fortunate to be in this era of information at our fingertips.  There is so much to learn and it moves so quickly that it’s hard to keep up sometimes; Let’s be honest – it’s impossible to keep up!!   I have put together this simple video to help show – not just explain how I do it.  I would love to hear your comments and feedback.  Please click on the caption to start the simple instructions of how I do it!


Does the property have utilities? 2018-11-13T03:40:26+00:00

Please check with the county regarding the permitted property use.  You can usually do almost anything you would like.

Can I camp on the property? 2018-11-13T03:43:55+00:00

Please check with the county regarding the permitted property use.  Each county and subdivision has it’s own rules and and time limits.

Can you meet me at the property? 2018-11-13T03:46:52+00:00

Since we are wholesalers and strive to keep our properties as low as possible we will not be able to meet you at the property.  If you are willing to do some extra research and use the maps and resources we’ve provided with each listing you can save big!  There is no appointment necessary and encourage you to visit the property if you are in the area.

How is the sale done if we don’t meet in person? 2018-11-13T03:47:36+00:00

The entire purchase process is done remotely using phone, mail, fax, and email.  Again, using the efficiency of this process is what helps us keep or prices so low.

Do you offer title insurance? 2018-11-13T03:48:06+00:00

Yes, if the buyer agrees to pay for it.  Sometimes it makes financial sense for higher priced properties, but often times we are offering prices on the land that is so low, the title insurance costs more than the land.

Can we use escrow to close? 2018-11-13T03:52:16+00:00

Absolutely! if the buyer pays for it.  Our properties are rock bottom and the cost of escrow is the buyers responsibility.

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