About Tom and Marilyn Sevigny

Greetings!  Welcome to SmartLandDeals.com where you can find great deals on vacant raw land.

We are passionate about helping people acquire vacant raw land, acreage, in-fill lots and other real estate the smart easy way.   It’s a win, win.  You buy vacant raw land at really good prices and we sell vacant raw land really fast!   We are Tom and Marilyn and we believe the dream of owning real estate and owning land should be available and affordable to everyone regardless of credit scores, income or other financial restraints.

We at Smart Land Deals buy quality affordable land at below market prices and pass on the savings to our customers.  So why not buy land the EASY and SMART way and buy your next land investment with us. Nothing beats going straight to the source.

Smart Land Deals was formed for the sole purpose of making low cost, high quality property available to the private investor.  We are pleased to offer vacant parcels across the country.  Our properties are offered exclusively for purchase via the internet.  This method allows us to sell high volume of property, at discounted prices.

Dream it …

Invest in it…

Build on it…

Hold it…

It’s Real Estate… It’s VACANT LAND

Vacant land is the perfect starting point for new investors.  It’s a perfect hedge for seasoned investors.  It’s not like the stock market with volatile ups and downs.

It’s a physical tangible investment with a finite number of total ownership.  As population grows the total number of properties available dwindle.

The offices of Smart Land Deals are located in Acton, California, in the heart of the historic gold miners community located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains.  Our rural western themed town and it’s historic buildings date back to the1800s and is a great place to work.  A substantial portion of our available land inventory is here in the Southwest in the very place that we call home. With its gorgeous landscape, rich heritage and national treasures, it is easy to see why so many people live and work in the Southwest.

Call us toll free at 888-886-2446 or fill out the form below to get notified when New Deals are found and  find your next smart land deal.